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Basic SEO Strategy for Websites, Articles, Blogs & More.

SEO Strategy & Tactics for Web Publishers, Content Creators & Marketers

Search Engine Optimization involves 2 fundamental parts, On Site & Off site SEO.

On Site SEO optimizes your page & site, including the structure, design, navigation & content of each page, on the website itself, making it easy for spiders & search engines to crawl, index & catalog your site.

Off Site SEO involves all the tactics employed beyond your website. Advertisement, Indexing, Posting on Social Media, Back links & more. Off Site SEO is the interconnected web links & platforms that will spread to & from your central site.


On Site SEO is the foundation of everything. Evaluation & ranking of your site is determined by a number of factors that affect the over all quality of your site.

Do First Page research. Cross check competition & anything that ranks with your first page terms.

Research multiple related & suggested search terms for writing topics & keywords.

Keyword research is critical. Explore Keywords ahead of time & Keyword variants.

Also search for 'smaller', cheaper similar & related Keywords & Long tail keywords that are less competitive. When researching list all possible & related, subcategory keywords to get insights about hot relevant terms & content ideas.

Use an SEO Plugin or software on your blog. These are helpful for developing & posting strong SEO content. You can also explore various stand alone & online tools for this.

Make an SEO plan BASED on what is already ranking. Look at related popular content that is being read & shared. Model off that content & compete with it directly.

Create Content for what is already ranking. Explore multiple types of content or articles in a niche that has a strong audience & market.

Look at your stats & go for ranking you can improve. Run SEO checks on your sites & fix problems. Update all tags, add geo location information, Image tags, hosted links & content.

Get a good keyword domain name. A relevant Keyword in the name of your site can be valuable, as it announces your topic immediately & prompts interested traffic.

Meta Tags exist in HTML code & help search engine crawlers identify or understand a web page.

Titles Unique 60-70 characters relevant to your content. Add 'Bonus Keywords / Long Tail Keywords' to titles & content.

Descriptions. This is where you add a short summary to describe the goal of your page. Keep these accurate & relevant with appropriate search terms & keywords.

Headings, H1 H2 H3. Your heading tags are basically for your Titles & sub headings within your content. Identify relevant Titles, Phrases, & section Headings with heading tags.

Alt & Title tags on Images. Include these tags on all your image content. They can be 70 characters, use keywords & describe image.

Content. You want quality above all. Content should be unique, engaging, compelling, valuable, & relevant. These factors are determined by user analytics, engagement, & interaction.

Keyword use. Research relevant Keywords & related keyword variations. Use those variations in your content. Keywords & Keyword placement within content is important to readers & search engines.

Navigation & usability are important. The 'Silo', Link Structure, Organization, & Directory Structure need to be considered in your sites architecture. When you 'Silo' a site, you basically group content by topic. A properly siloed (organized) site is easy for users to navigate & easy for search engines to understand. Have a good link structure & inter related Permalinks on your site.

URL's Simple & memorable, site URL's should clearly make sense & be easy to understand. Make the URL related to subject or title of page. This is also good for over all Directory Structure that is easy to understand.

HTML & XML Sitemaps. A sitemap is a separate page for users to see all your pages. A website & sitemap should be grouped according to topics. Create a separate XML Sitemap & submit it with Google Webmaster Tools & make it easy for search engines to find your site.

Breadcrumbs are internal links to make it easy for users to navigate between content on your site. These might be photo ad links to other content, or contextual links to SEE: other content. Breadcrumbs are helpful with internal site navigation & engagement


Off Site SEO deals with the ways you promote, share & link your content to other platforms.

You can greatly increase your brands off site SEO & online presence by expanding to & interacting on Social Media, Blogging, Guest Posting, Online Ads, Commenting Links in Forums, Social Media Bookmarking Sites, Backlinks, & Shared Content Sites.

Produce content for multiple media platforms & interweave your online presence. Your brands Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Website & Shopify should all intertwine & link to each other

Be Active. Promote, Post & Update regularly. Get involved in your market. Post helpful & relevant info on info forums & Social Bookmarking sites.

Push content out in front of channels already out there. Target & beat the direct competition. Get their traffic. You can buy Video Ads or regular ads directly on, or in front of popular content that is trending in your niche. Look into highly targeted ad buys.

Become a guest Blogger. Writing for other outlets can gain you authority, backlinks, followers site visitors & SEO status.

Press Releases for News content are good for backlinks & quick spikes of interest.

Complimentary giveaways hosted on your site, (Guides, lessons, reports, Info graphics) are great for visits & backlinks for resources in your niche. Content for other sites that they can host or publish can also earn you backlinks.

The 7 most important SEO Ranking factors for Search Engines

Usability & UX

Mobile Friendly

Valuable Content

Connections (Links & also the quality & authority of links you carry.)

Page Speed (Loading & display of elements)

Domain Authority (A track record with search engines helps maintain trust & rank.)

Brand Recognition (Cross channel promotion teaches search engines what your brand is.)

SEO is what keeps you in the market, ranked & ready to be seen.

Use these tips to successfully drive more traffic and increase your visitation, engagement & rank in search engines!

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